Edo joins MINT Studio and debuts his first NFT collection

MINT: Artis reinvent themselves in pandemic

Edo Sanabria, award-winning Venezuelan artist, launches an exclusive collection, at NFTs, alongside one of the first talent management studios in the world of NFTs.

MINT STUDIO has started its take off at full power, with an innovative proposal and from the hand of the most recognized in the digital arts of pop culture. The initiative that arises in 2021 becomes one of the first organizations of its kind in the region and in the world.

What moves MINT STUDIO?

At MINT STUDIO the fusion between the most recent technologies and creative processes is sought. It is committed to the creativity of the riskiest when adapting the arts to the new era. With this combination, we seek to develop innovative and disruptive solutions based on NFT.

In this way, economic, political and cultural processes are adapted in a single space that becomes one of the most recent market proposals to boost the economy through digital transactions. That is why in MINT they are classified as “disruptive by nature”.

The central philosophy of the project places on the same level all those artists and investors who seek to keep up with the advances that the time implements so quickly. For this reason, MINT is designed for those who take risks, who are at the forefront and who have the ability to project into the future.

“We have no clients. We have partners. We collaborate as closely as possible with our allies to produce a unique and creative result ”. The first Managment Innovation NFT talent study in Latin America, manages to change any classic dynamic of an ordinary company. The arts, transactions, interaction with those involved, etc., all point to a single word: innovation.

What is NFT?

The acronym NFT corresponds to Non-fungible token, whose translation could be explained in two components. Non-fungible is a unique dude value item. Something that cannot be repeated, or replaced by a similar proposal, because it would completely modify its balance of benefits, costs, implications, etc. Which leads to the second aspect: Token. This is related to the "symbolic", with the idea of ​​the "not palpable" or what cannot be touched.

Another element that characterizes NFTs is their direct relationship with cryptocurrencies as part of the transaction process. NFTs can really be anything digital (like drawings, music, etc), but much of the purpose as a project revolves around using technology to sell digital art.

Edo Sanabria reaches a new level in his career

Eduardo Sanabria, has an artistic journey that for the specialized environment may be unusual. His graphic work became more than known, recognized, after beginning his participation in the main newspapers in Caracas and later in the United States.

Edo is the exemplary artist who does not give in to monotony or stay in the known. It is the talent that seeks to expand, which is formed in multiple countries and cultures such as illustration courses, graphic design workshops and comic conventions in Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and the United States.

He is an artist who seeks experience and excel. Sanabria assures that, “in this profession you never reach the top. Once you think you get to one, the other is waiting for you to see if you can upload it "

In this case, MINT and NFTs become the new top of Edo. The artist is always at the forefront, bringing the beauty and exclusivity of art to the most innovative spaces.

That is why the award-winning Venezuelan artist and pop culture icon, joins the first Managment Innovation NFT talent studio in Latin America, to launch his first exclusive collection, on NFTs.

Edo has twice won the Pedro León Zapata Prize awarded by the newspaper "El Nacional" to the best cartoonist in the Venezuelan press (2005 and 2008). He has been awarded the "Pluma de Oro" Prize (2007) as the best cartoonist in the 1st Exhibition of Graphic Humor of the Caracas Arts Fair. He has published books with his illustrations that compile a selection of his most outstanding works. He has exhibited his works in Caracas, Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Miami. In addition, it has its permanent exhibition in the Lobby of the Boutique Wingate Miami Airport hotel.

Its first exclusive collection, in NFTs, as an ally of MINT, will position it in a completely new market in which it will grow widely hand in hand with the pioneers in the area. Which could take your works to another level.