Edo launches "Selfish", his first NFT collection

With this, he debuts as a cryptoartist, working side by side with MINT Studio, the first Latinamerican studio specialized in NFT.

The renowned venezuelan artist, Edo Sanabria, comes on the NFT trend (Non-Fungible Token) that is revolutionizing the art market worldwide, by reinterpreting his work in a completely digital and collectible format. The piece will be available for auction from Friday, May 14th to June 14th 2021 in the platform OpenSea (the biggest marketplace of NFT in the world).

This launching is made in colaboration with MINT Studio (www.mintstudio.io), a studio of NFT innovation and services, recently created and pioneers in Latinamerica, that comes from identifying the growing need of a partner that combines different areas of expertise that the community of artists and creators have, to ensure the success of the launch of digital projects

Edo Eduardo Sanabria reaches a new level in his career

Eduardo Sanabria, has an artistic trajectory that may be uncommon for this specialized field. His graphic work became more than known, after starting to participate in the most important newspapers from Caracas, and later from the United States. He was awarded twice with the Premio Pedro León Zapata, given by the newspaper El Nacional to the best drawer from venezuelan press (2005 and 2008). Also, he won the award "Pluma de Oro" (2007) as the best drawer in the 1st Exposition of Graphic Humour in Caracas. Edo has published books with his more distinguished illustrations, also, he has exhibited in his work Caracas, Milán, Seúl, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chicago, Nueva York, Las Vegas and Miami, city that hosts his permanent exhibition at the lobby of the Boutique Wingate Miami Airport hotel. Edo is a great artist that doesn't give into monotony nor stays in the known. He is a talented person that looked to expand his knowledge and studies in multiple countries and cultures with illustration courses, graphic design workshops and comic conventions that he made in diverse countries like Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and USA. "In this job you never get to the top. Once you think you've got to one, another one is waiting to see if you can climb it", said Eduardo Sanabria. According to him, digitalizing his art through NFT supposes a new top, that will allow him to be avant-garde and democratize the access to his art, this way more people will now have the possibility to own their first tokenized pieces At MINT Studio we strive for the fusion between the most recent technologies and creative processes. We bet on creativity of the risky creators that are adapting art to this new era. With this combination we wanna develop disruptive and innovative solutions, based on NFTs.

With this mechanism, there's an adaptation of economical, political and cultural processes processes in an only space that turns in one of the most recent proposals from the market to enhance the economy through digital transactions. That's why at MINT Studio they categorize as disruptive by nature.

The central philosophy of the project puts at the same level every artist, collector or investor that are looking to go hand in hand with the advances that our times are implementing so fastly. That's why MINT Studio it's made for those that tale risks, that are trendseekers and that have the capacity of projecting themselves onto the future.

The first Studio of management of innovation and talents linked to NFTs, accomplishes to change any classic dynamics in an ordinary company. The arts, transactions and interaction with the people involved are all pointing to only one word: innovation

What is an NFT?

NFT is the acronym of Non-Fugible Token.

It's a unique identifier or token that is associated with a digital asset (e. an image, video, poem, tweet, etc.) or any other unique asset that has it's archive specifically registered in a block inside of the blockchain.

An article that is fungible it's interchangeable with another identical article, they are worth the same. However, non-fungible tokens are not worth the same from one to the other token, even though they may look similarly. They also allow a digital asset to have an identity -only in it's genre-, an authenticity -it's a valid and real product- and traceability -that allows to monitor who owns it and it's worth- to assign a determined market value.