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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MINT Studio?

MINT is an association between creators, people driven by art, innovation and technology. We provide counseling, production and value to every type of NFT collection, through years of experience in the world of marketing, digital creation and development on digital platforms. Our mission is to give innovative experiences to the public, partnered with creators from multiple disciplines. We are the service of NFT.  

What is an NFT?

NFT is the acronym for Non Fungible Token. It is the name given to a unique identifier associated with an exclusive digital active, which is linked to an archived that is registered in an specific block inside the blockchain. These actives may be an image, album, tweet, 3D render, poem, vídeo or any digital asset of your property, there is no limit on formats. 

What is Blockchain?

It's a decentralized database that make registers permanently, in real time and distributed in multiple computers. Every transaction it's certified automatically, so it eliminates the intermediary. Every operation it's executed through a smart contract.

What is a Smart Contract?

These are programs that live and are executed in the blockchain. They allow to create and trace the movements that a particular NFT has on a blockchain.

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