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In this work, EDO seeks to bring his style and point of view to these surreal-looking pop icons with his particular touch, to the collectible digital world. He shows a darker side of these egomaniacal fictional villains that have become part of popular culture

More about the artist


Eduardo Sanabria is a plastic artist and graphic humorist with more than 25 years in the field of the arts, last 15 years he has explored different paths in Pop-Art.

His graphic work began in the main newspapers of Caracas, then he published in the newspapers "Venezuela Business News", in Washington and New York, as well as in "Diario Las Americas" in Miami.

He has won numerous awards in his natural country, where he is one of the major artistic references. 

His works have been exhibited in the cities of Caracas, Miami, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Milan, Shanghai, Seoul, among others.

His idea is to go beyond the traditional discourse of popular culture with which he has grown up. His goal is to mix new forms with color palettes that bring harmony and define a unique, recognizable style. He also seeks that each work has a message, a coherent discourse, taking advantage of the new media offered by technology.